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Bringing a child into this world is one of the most rewarding, monumental, and joyful experiences life has to offer. It is also one of the most physically and mentally taxing experiences as well. The difficulties of having a baby don’t just effect the mother, but everyone directly connected to her.
Despite the joys of parenthood, from a physical point of view, while your pregnant your body is not quite your own. Weight gain from additional calories, the skin and muscles stretching and expanding, hormones triggering chemical reactions that effect appetite, sleep cycles, sex drive, and even daily perception… and that’s all BEFORE the baby is born!

Postpartum Weight loss is achievableA fit and confident you is just around the corner!

Postpartum, the time directly after child birth effects women differently. Some women can bounce right back to their normal lives within a few weeks while others struggle with depression and weight gain for months and sometimes years after giving birth.
Too often woman use the phrase “My body before the baby/babies” when describing a more fit and confident time in their lives. It’s unfortunate because though no one will argue the physical demands pregnancy puts on the body, what you do during and after the glorious event will determine how quickly and effectively you retain your original form… and it ABSOLUTELY can be done!

What are some of the benefits of exercise after having a baby?

Exercise has the following benefits for postpartum women:
  • Exercise helps strengthen and tone abdominal muscles which is very important for reclaiming your core stability
  • Being pregnant drains you as it is not mention the first 3 months of a newborns life. Working out boosts energy! 
  • Working out is useful in preventing postpartum depression. In fact, anyone can fight depression through exercise
  • Exercise promotes better sleep and recovery
  • Working out also relieves stress and significantly boosts confidence 

Being a Mommy body builder is not on my bucket list

Postpartum weight loss is very important to shed body fat and a scientific, custom made, professionally implemented fitness program can yield great results.

Good news, the day you gave birth you started losing weight

The good news is that you actually started losing weight the day your bundle of joy came into the world.
  • You lost 7-10 lbs. from the baby itself
  • 2-4 lbs. of amniotic fluid and blood
  • 3-5 lbs. of water weight over the course of the first week after birth 

Bad news, your metabolism will begin to slow down

The bad news is your metabolism will also begin to slow down immediately after birth to adjust to fewer calories and less demand of them (no more eating for two).
To make matters worse, your energy levels are significantly reduced and the focus on your new born is now directed to the day to day requirements of having a child.
Most women struggle with postpartum weight loss because of these very limiting factors, and lack of execution of a well formulated plan to lose baby weight.

“But I barely feel like getting out of bed, let alone get back to the gym.”

You have just introduced yourself to the “OverLord” of reasons why woman struggle with postpartum weight loss; Postpartum depression.

During and often after your pregnancy you may display some of the following symptoms.
  • Mood: anger, anxiety, guilt, hopelessness, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, mood swings, or panic attack
  • Behavioral: crying, irritability, or restlessness
  • Psychological: depression, fear, or repeatedly going over thoughts
  • Whole body: fatigue or loss of appetite
  • Cognitive: lack of concentration or unwanted thoughts
  • Weight: weight gain or weight loss
  • Insomnia is also common
It is scientifically proven that success in any endeavor begins with a positive thinking and the proper mind set.
Phoenix Ignition Fitness emphasizes “Mental Conditioning” with all of our clients and we certainly understand the strains of pregnancy and how it affects you mentally. With that in mind we have crated systems to make your fitness program work for your inside as well as your outside.

Phoenix Ignition postpartum fitness program

  • Bi-monthly weigh-ins to ensure Postpartum weight loss is our primary focus
  • Weekly emails of fitness articles, tips, healthy recipes, and exercise videos
  • A customized cardiovascular schedule to do at home to accelerate your Postpartum weight loss and rebuild lean muscle mass
  • A customized nutrition plan to promote postpartum weight loss that doesn’t interfere with your recovery or the health of your baby
  • A safe, private gym environment for you to feel comfortable in regaining your peak fitness potential 

How long after childbirth can I start an exercise routine?

Much like all of our fitness programs, every woman’s situation is different, but the general rule is 6-8 weeks of recovery after childbirth before returning to exercise.
For example, a natural birth prompts a swifter recovery over a cesarean section birth.

Phoenix Ignition offers more than just exercise routines

Of course all mothers require medical clearance before implementation of exercise however planning and preparing for a postpartum weight loss plan can and should be done before the baby arrives.
At Phoenix Ignition Fitness we are on your team long before the exercise begins.
  • We will plan for your Postpartum weight loss and muscle gains
  • We will contact your medical provider on your behalf in preparation for your return to your full fitness form 
With half the work completed and out of the way we are all set to helping you regain your original form, self-confidence and relieve some stress along the way.

What can I expect from my first contact with Phoenix Ignition Fitness?

A thorough phone consultation regarding the details of your health during your pregnancy. In addition we will go over the length of pregnancy, weight gain, significant physical changes, injuries, and activities during your special time
  • We will go over your previous fitness experience, exercise techniques, lingering injuries, and results
  • We will talk about your current diet and nutrition details
  • We will help you achieve goals, establish a time-line for those goals, and how we will achieve them in a reasonable time frame
  • We will also provide the mental tools to combat postpartum depression and the regulation of your hormones naturally. This will help with you with postpartum weight loss as well as energize and inspire you!

A well administered fitness program works

Still not convinced huh? At Phoenix Ignition Fitness we know that fitness programs are tough enough and when you create a brand new human or 2 or 3…they may even seem insurmountable.
Here are some facts about the effectiveness of a well administered fitness program to help you achieve postpartum weight loss.

Now is the time to get started exercising

Decades ago after giving birth doctors restricted a woman’s physical activity which is no longer the case. Once you get home from the hospital start exercising with short 10 to 20 minute, relaxed strolls. Even if you delivered via a cesarean-section and you aren’t on pain medication put on your tennis shoes and take a walk to clear your mind.
For more formal workouts it’s recommended that you wait six weeks to give your body time to heal after labor and delivery. Of course we recommend talking to your physician before getting started.
Bear in mind, with your new regiment of fixing bottles or breastfeeding and changing diapers and midnight feedings you’re certain to feel drained.

Did you know that stress can actually keep you from losing weight or even add on pounds? In addition to weight loss, exercise can help reduce stress and put a little pep in your step. In addition it can lower the risk of postpartum depression and obesity.

Eat smart by choosing foods packed with nutrients

Nursing or caring for your new bundle of joy means that you are still eating for two even if you’re not nursing. If however, you are nursing what you eat can affect your baby’s preferences to particular food items. For example, if you eat broccoli more than likely your baby will too.

Studies also suggest that when you eat healthy foods your children will be less picky and fussy at mealtime and they will be more interested in eating.
Food can either energize you or make you feel sluggish. Remember how you felt after eating thanksgiving dinner?
Even though a late afternoon candy bar, cookie or caramel Frappuccino may revive you at first, steer clear! Refined carbs and sugary foods will make your blood sugar spike, then crash, says Dawn Jackson Blatner R.D., L.D.N., a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. That makes you feel hungrier sooner and more likely to reach for another candy bar to quash the pangs.
Eat smart by choosing foods packed with nutrients like filling produce, whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats.

Relieving stress can equate to more energy

Relieve stress and gain energyNow that you’re a new mom I’m sure that the stress level has risen. When stress occurs your body reacts.

Remember the times in your life when you felt like you have no control over what's happening in your life? Your body reacted by releasing the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline into your bloodstream.
Think of the stories that you’ve read where a man lifts a car off of someone who was in physical danger, the same hormones gave him the strength to do so.
Now let’s introduce frequent emotional demands associated with being a new mom. Your hormones now build up and cause weight retention or gains, fatigue and irritability. In addition high levels of cortisol can make you crave crunchy, sweet, salty and of course fatty foods, as if having a child wasn’t enough.
With all of this being said, find time for you! Stress-busters might help you find more energy, feel better emotionally and maybe even shed some pounds all of which benefit both you and your new baby.

Contact Phoenix Ignition Fitness or call (480)271-8196 to get started on losing weight after having a baby  today!

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