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Phoenix Ignition Fitness Customized Workout Routines

Are you ready to lose weight fast and build lean muscle mass?  YOU CAN improve physical performance in every aspect of your life at Phoenix Ignition Fitness.

Since no two bodies are exactly alike (identical twins excluded), our programs are planned and have to be adjusted to meet the specific criteria for each individual. We conduct a thorough fitness assessment to diagnose the starting levels and intensity of the circuits. Once the initial diagnose has been made of the participant’s abilities, the endurance conditioning begins.

Our customizated workout routines are setup just for you and are critical to your success. Our weight loss programs normally contain more cardiovascular focused strength training routines, speed interval training to improve endurance and recovery time.
What are you waiting for? Contact Phoenix Ignition Fitness to learn more about Meta Endurance conditioning today!

Before After
Shirley Nolan - Before Shirley Nolan - After
Shirley Nolan, 76
Start date – February 20, 2013
Starting Measurements – Waist line: 36.5
Hip line: 41.5
Current Measurements – Waist line: 24.75
Hip line: 34.75
Before After
Eric Rizzo - Before Eric Rizzo - After
Eric Rizzo, 34
Start date – June 17, 2014
Starting Measurements –
Weight: 184.25
Waist line: 33.75
Current measurements –
Weight: 171
Waist line: 29.7
Before After
Doug Threewitt - Before Doug Threewitt - After
Doug Threewitt, 38
Start date- Aug 7, 2015
Starting Measurements-
Weight: 238
Waist: 40.6 inches
Current Measurements: 
Weight: 186
Waist Line: 32.4 inches
Before After
Rose Klimley - Before Rose Klimley - After
Rose Klimely, 53
Start Date- Sept 14, 2015
Starting Measurements- 
Weight: 154 inches
Waist: 36.2 inches
Current measurements: 
Weight: 131.7
Waist: 30.4 inches

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