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Scottsdale Personal Trainer Reviews

Shirley Nolan: Hi, My name is Shirley. I am 76 years old, and have been going to Ron Kennedy for 18 months and plan to keep going. I look forward to my training and I work very hard, and the results have been wonderful. I have lost over 30lbs, 30+inches and have more energy and stamina than ever before. Ask my doctor. At my annual physical a few months ago, he called all my test results "Superb". That was his word. My cholesterol was the best ever, my heart like a 45 year old, and my blood pressure medicine is steadily going down and I hope to be off of it completely very soon. That has been one of my goals. My 3 times a week work outs with my trainers are always challenging, different, and have overall improved my balance and well-being. Today I like the new me and the way I feel.
Thank you Ron Kennedy, you are the Best!!!

Michael Vance: The team at Phoenix Ignition Fitness Co. is committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals. As a runner, I was always skeptical of a gym-environment, because I didn't think that it would help my running at all. But the staff has done a fantastic job of working with me and my goals, improving my strength, flexibility and overall conditioning, and my speed has noticeably increased. I highly recommend Phoenix Ignition Fitness to anyone who wants to get serious about their fitness.

Michael Fuko: Words can't describe how amazing Ron Kennedy is! We shopped around and met with multiple personal trainers and no one even comes close to this team! In just over 2 months, I was able to lose 13 lbs., 3.5" off my waist and lift more than I ever have before. He pushes you to try your hardest and the results are amazing! They also offered diet assistance which was spot on. We still eat to the schedule we had during the intense training sessions to maintain our build. I'm a client for life! 

Kasey Stone: The team at Phoenix Ignition Fitness is second to none. Their education and skill level allows them to tailor their training and services to help each client achieve their personal fitness goals. I am constantly impressed by their commitment to help clients not only improve their health and fitness levels but to make a difference in all aspects of their life. I attribute my progress and success to my fitness team. They are dedicated, motivating and fun to work with.

Eric Rizzo: Ron Kennedy is by far the best decision we made when it came to choosing a personal trainer. The incredibly friendly staff make this place feel like a small tight-knit community where everyone knows your name. The trainers work closely with you, using a very detailed, even scientific method to help you achieve your fitness goals. It is virtually impossible to fail if you have the ambition. I HIGHLY recommend anyone and everyone to give Phoenix Ignition Fitness Co. a shot. I lost 18lbs and 4 inches off my waist in 2.5 months, gained tons of muscle growth and most importantly, feel incredible! I cannot thank them enough.
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