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Weight Loss & Strength Building Results

Ron Kennedy teaches you that your success in fitness isn’t measured by the scale, though weight loss is typically a sign of fitness success!  The numbers on the scale matter to an extent, but how your body looks and how you feel is much more important than your overall weight.

Muscle mass has a much greater density, but less volume then fat. This means that fat can expand and hold more matter, but it’s not matter you want hanging around your waist line!

Hey... if a picture is worth a 1000 words, this picture is an example of the 1000’s of pounds we have lost together!

The client displayed HERE had significant loss of total inches around the waist line, but still maintained a solid muscular structure to continue fat burning. Click here to view more weight loss and strength building results.
Weight loss and solid muscle structure
Our exercise physiology fitness programs are not designed for how to lose weight fast, extreme weight loss, or unreasonable diets that are impossible to commit to. Every workout routine is focused on the most effective way.
  • YOU CAN lose weight fast
  • YOU CAN build lean muscle mass
  •  YOU CAN improve physical performance in every aspect of your life
The customization of the workout routines is critical to your success. Since no two bodies are exactly alike (identical twins excluded), the planned programs have to be adjusted to meet the specific criteria for each individual.
Weight loss programs normally contain more cardiovascular focused strength training routines, speed interval training, and constantly working to improve endurance and recovery time.
Is there anything else we can show you? You read this far, now what is stopping you from taking charge of your health and fitness lifestyle?

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