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Lose Weight with Meta Endurance Conditioning

Achieving fitness utilizing exercise physiology begins with Meta-Endurance. The term “Meta-Endurance” stands for Metabolic Neuromuscular Endurance Conditioning. The purpose of the science is to combine high output cardiovascular conditioning for weight loss, with muscle specific isolated resistance strength training for muscular growth. The focus is muscular stamina and long-term performance.
With the cardiovascular element to dilate target muscles quickly, and keep the fibers constricted for optimal growth, weight loss and fat burning ensue, as well as significant increases in strength.

“Yeah… sounds like expensive and fancily worded Cross fit…”

This is NOT a fancy version of “Cross Fit” training or other high intensity based philosophies. Every sequence of movements is designed for the specific target goals and abilities of each individual client.
This means that a client that has suffered a knee injury (for example), may not be able to complete certain sequences that put too much pressure on the recovering area specifically, but can still complete other sequences of Meta-Endurance that do not involve isolation of the knee’s tendons specifically.

Meta Endurance

How does meta endurance apply to my needs and abilities?

Meta-Endurance sequences are assigned to two different schools of the science; Fast Twitch Speed Training (F.T.S.T) which is primarily used for weight loss, lean muscle building, and speed based sports performance. Slow Deep Muscle Vascularity Conditioning (S.D.M.V.C) which main function is to condition maximum muscle size and strength, power, and muscle density.

Fast Twitch Speed Training (F.T.S.T)

This technique is all about weight loss! Once your levels of stamina are properly conditioned, our team will focus on quick twitch muscle fibers for fast contractions causing an increase in heart rate and body temperature, which in turn promotes fat burning and increased weight loss.
The technique consists of using three, or even four different angles and types of movements targeting the same muscle or groups of muscles in fast succession. The surrounding support muscles begin to fatigue forcing the primary target muscle to respond faster to the resistance or tension being used to condition it.
The circuits are always performed quickly, causing fast dilation of the muscles but…. also conditioning the connective tendons to increase elasticity, which in turn prevents injury from high intensity training!

The “Go Too” choice for fitness enthusiasts desiring weight loss and lean muscle gains, the fast twitch speed training circuits are always customized with the participant’s physical abilities and limitations, as well as current stamina levels in mind.
A thorough fitness assessment is needed to diagnose the starting levels and intensity of the circuits. Once the initial diagnose has been made of the participant’s abilities, the endurance conditioning begins.

Slow, Deep Muscle Vascularity Conditioning (S.D.M.V.C)

With the shift in focus on maximum muscular dilation and strength gains, this Meta-Endurance technique is adapted for slower speeds, but a significant increase in power.

This neuromuscular response conditioning is very different then fast twitch speed training since the bones, joints, and tendons must handle rapidly increasing levels of resistance, as well as circuits with multiple angles that focus on the target muscle.

Contrary to the common belief of using maximum volume output in the beginning of training S.D.M.V.C challenges the muscular system by increasing the volume of resistance 5-10% after each circuit, while still incorporating prime movers and stabilizers in rapid succession.

The science behind this technique does allow rapid fat loss, but… In contrast, with the increase of resistance and the difficulty of movements for the target muscle, the endurance levels of each muscle has to rapidly adapt as well. Increasing its vascularity to force enough blood flow to grow at with blazing speed!

When administered properly by a Meta-Endurance specialist, the technique forces the muscular system to rapidly output maximum levels of strength from hemo-dilation (rapid increase of blood flow to the target muscle). The muscles condition themselves to be stronger longer, without giving in to the varying levels of rapidly increasing intensity from the increases of weight and or resistance.

This all still sounds confusing…click here to contact Phoenix Ignition Fitness to keep it simple and let us explain it to you personally.
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