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Fitness by the Fire: A True Resolution to Yourself

by Ron Kennedy • January 06, 2019
The holiday season has concluded. The parties and pastries have been served and have been indulged upon, the gifts given and returned, and all the promises you have made to yourself for the New Year’s commitments have been made. The upcoming season doesn’t have quite the same jolly appeal. There are no songs about flying reindeer and yule tide glee, no ugly sweater parties or endless baking lists. Yet the coming season does have its own traditions to which, unfortunately, far too many adhere.

It’s a new year, which means it’s the season to take your health and wellness seriously…. again… no, I mean it this time… really!

Now is the season that many of us make a resolution to change our fitness habits. This is followed immediately by the season where most of those people relent to old habits a few weeks later.  Perhaps you have suffered from it before -all the enthusiasm in the world come Christmas time, just to fizzle out by mid-February (or sooner). If it makes you feel any better, you are not alone.

Statics don’t lie. In 2015, 80% of people who joined a fitness center in January quit attending within five months.  Less than 50% of people who do regularly make it to the gym go less than 1/3 of the year. To make matters worse, the average gym membership nationwide is $41 a month bringing in $27 billion in revenue yearly for gym memberships of which roughly 65% of them are not being used!

If there is any truth to Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity (which I strongly support) despite the statistics listed above, and perhaps your own personal experiences, for the majority, the same high hopes that were set back in December are in the process of being crushed by early February.

So how do you, the reader, break the chains of monotony and actually impact your health and wellness for the New Year?


Does that surprise you? Such a simple response for an issue that plagues so many? Change.

How do you expect to make changes to anything if you keep repeating the same actions? How many times would you raise your arm in the air to grasp something out of reach before you realize you need a stool or ladder? How many times would you nudge a dresser or couch without it budging, before you realize you need a dolly or someone to help you move it? It seems silly, but that is what most people have been doing with their health and wellness.  Stand there with their arms to the sky hoping THIS time they will reach what they seek.

How do you make change? I’m glad you asked!

Professional guidance. An obvious answer yes, but as a consumer, do you realize the value of professional guidance from an educated and experienced fitness professional? As an exercise physiologist, my job is to organize and administer “tailor made” fitness programs for my clients to reach their peak fitness potential.  Granted, my mother was one of the most esteemed language professors in the city of Chicago where I grew up, and her teachings to me did create a literary edge that allows me to produce such verbose cantor, so please forgive the fancy dialog (and me for showing off).  In frank expression, my job is to learn more about your body than you know, create a plan, and execute that plan for you to have success in health and wellness.

“But Ron, I use the treadmill, I do the exercises that I have researched, and I feel good about myself!”  Dear reader, I am certainly not trying to convince you to feel negatively about your efforts. Instead, I am asking if you truly feel you are doing what you are supposed to do to not only take care of yourself, but prevent health issues in the future.  If not, why are you performing the same routine repeatedly, and what is stopping you from taking action to make change?

 “Are you talking about the gym walkthrough where they show you how the fitness equipment works, because I already had the tour?” No, that is soemthing different. This is a step by step evaluation of where you are physically, what you want to achieve, and the most effective way to do so. You know what a hammer is, but do you know how to use it to build a home? Anyone can show you how to use a leg press, but you need an expert to show you the proper placement of your feet, the correct alignment of the ankles and knees to prevent pain in the meniscus, the proper speed of contraction to dilate the muscles for continual grown, the number of repetitions and sequences of movement to promote that growth.

“I have my routine and I am comfortable with it but thank you.”  Have you thought about how your body is not going to adapt to changes of age? You walk on the treadmill, or use the recumbent bike, or you play tennis, but what about loss of bone density? Resistance weight training is the greatest way to prevent a loss of bone density, so if you are avoiding strength training, this might lead to injury down the line when your muscles and bones diminish.

“I am in terrible shape. I am too embarrassed to go to the gym, let alone work with a fitness professional.”  The fact that you are committed to make change makes you better than EVERY other person who suffers that type of health and doesn’t do anything about it.  I chose this profession not to help world class athletes shave another half second off their time. I choose it to help people just like you.

At the very least, you will learn something about your health and wellness that you did not know, previously.  If what you see doesn’t appeal to you, you can always go back to your old ways. I promise… they will be there waiting for you. Yet, what if this action sets off a chain of events that really does lead to dynamic change?  What if this is the year you really do adapt to a fitness lifestyle?  What if you really do loose that 30lbs, really do over come that old injury, really do gain the confidence to play and frolic with your grandchildren, and maybe knock a few swings off your golf game?

Don’t let another opportunity to make genuine change with your health and wellness pass you by. This can be your year!! Why not take advantage of a service that was custom made for your enjoyment and success alike!

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“Action without planning is the cause of all failure. Action with planning is the cause of all success.”-Brian Tracy
  Ron Kennedy, Phoenix Ignition Fitness