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Fitness by the Fire: How to avoid injuries will keeping yourself fit

by Ron Kennedy • February 07, 2018
Some gym enthusiasts and fitness professionals alike believe in the common saying 'No pain, no gain'. Whenever you start a new fitness or weight loss routine you may feel a little discomfort. Most of the time it will last for a few days and repeat itself over the course of the first few weeks. This pain is a natural warning sign, an alert to your nervous system that something unusual is occurring in your muscular system. There’s nothing to worry about but you should pay attention to it.

You can start with an adjustable exercise routine, primarily focusing on gym-based strength training movements. Don’t be excessive but do push yourself to trigger muscular endurance conditioning. After a few days the muscles will begin to adapt to your new routine. Lactic acid, micro-tears and other physiological changes occur in the muscles and they become stronger than before.

But take caution if, during your workout routines, you experience back pain, neck aches, knee joint pain and other symptoms. Then you need to consult with a specialist before pursuing more advanced levels of fitness and weight loss. It could be the form of a certain movement is incorrect and causing the pain, but it could also be unseen factors that are limiting you. You could be working too hard or trying to get quick results, or you have some medical problem and that exercise is not the right one for you.

It does take time to adjust to any new workout routine. Therefor it’s better to start slowly. How to set your pace when it comes to exercise depends on so many factors. It varies from person to person, depending on age, experience, earlier exercise routines and total fitness. One of the primary reasons our team is so through in our consultation and evaluation process.

Your muscles should get warmed up and relaxed before cranking them up. Many of your problems are caused from your muscles being too cold and not stretching. Sometimes it happens from overextending your capacity. So take it slow!

It’s necessary to take 10 minutes for warm-up exercises which include very mild jogging, plyometrics like jumping jacks, or light weight fast twitch weight lifting. It helps the cardiovascular and respiratory systems to work more efficiently as well. To get joints lubricated and muscles relaxed and gently lengthened you can do some slow and gradual stretching during this time. Be sure that you are taking sufficient time to warm up. If the warm up is too short, it can easily lead to stretched or torn cartilage, and those type of injuries take a long time to recover from.

Please do not try to get out and run five miles only two weeks after an injury, surgery or other debilitating condition. The result may be dangerous and cause long-term damage. Sometimes physical therapy is needed which works to relieve discomfort. Do a regular course but don't try to jump over tall buildings the first day out.

Trying to keep fit through exercise is always an excellent idea. But overdoing it is just the opposite of your goal. Your aim is to improve your health and strength and not to prove that you are the next Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Whenever you are going to begin new activities which you are not familiar with, you should consult an expert’s guidance. I’m a fitness expert, so when my car breaks down I certainly don’t open the hood, grab a hammer, and start pounding away! No, I call a mechanic, that is their world. You would think that when dealing with your one and only body, most would have the common sense to contact a professional, but unfortunately, it’s typically the other way around. “I saw this BIG GUY at the gym doing this… so I am going to try it to get big as well.” If I had a dollar for every time I heard that…
 An incorrect way of warming up or exercising may cause injury too. First you should know the proper way to use the weight machines. There is nothing to get embarrassed about if you don’t know the correct procedure. It’s not possible for someone to know everything about exercising.

The environment is very important while you go through your routine. Be careful that you don’t end up crashing into a wall or the person exercising next to you when you are in a rhythm or totally concentrated on your workout.

When you are jogging on the road you need to pay attention to the imperfections of the surface and the people and cars around you. No athletic shoe, no matter how specialized, will keep you from slipping on a muddy patch. Only alertness and good reflexes can save you in this situation.

Once you achieve your comfort zone, you can increase both the time and the strenuousness of your workout. Most people fail to continue their fitness routine because of injuries incurred by working beyond their capacity. Remember the tortoise and the hare: ‘Slow but steady wins the race’.

To continue to have a healthy life you must exercise common sense while you exercise your body.