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Fitness utilizing exercise physiology with Ron Kennedy

Exercise Physiologist Ron KennedyRon Kennedy, owner of Phoenix Ignitions Fitness is NOT a fitness trainer.

“I discourage clients from referring to me as their personal trainer. I’ve never owned spandex, I’m not a drill instructor trying to discourage you with insults, and I don’t wear tank tops to work!” -Ron Kennedy.

Using Meta-Endurance conditioning, Ron specializes in utilizing exercise physiology to create custom programs to produce peak fitness potential.

Ron’s love for personal fitness began after his dad gave him the gift of a membership at a local health club. At the time, Ron was pursuing his personal best on the high school football team. The support and knowledge he got at the gym, along with the building of muscle, speed, agility and confidence was followed by his best football season.

Well that’s touching… but why should I care??

Ron was so impressed with how a fitness lifestyle impacted his life, in college he changed his major from business administration to exercise physiology. Out of college he developed his career as a fitness trainer, while still pursuing advanced tactics and fitness science within the realm of exercise physiology.

Despite the obvious sought-after results, Ron’s goals were as followed;
  • For clients to see physical fitness as a life enhancing endeavor.
  • For his clients to think of their gym as their second home and LOVE it.
  • For his clients to embrace the mental components needed to succeed in health, and to inspire and teach those he works with to overcome their perceived obstacles

What makes his techniques so different from others??

Ron believes that when it comes to fitness, the mind is even more important to condition than the body.

“The first step in creation is always thought, and by far the most important” he claims. “Without the commitment to success and the vigilance to see your choice through – over any discouraging events, over any obstacles or setbacks – realizing a goal is extremely difficult to achieve, if possible at all.”

Ron has 16 years of experience as a professional fitness trainer. He earned a BS degree in Exercise Physiology. Has been certified by the International Sports Science Association four times over, each time applying for a more difficult and science focused certification.
Are you ready to achieve fitness utilizing exercise physiology with Ron Kennedy? If so, contact Phoenix Ignition Fitness to get started today!

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