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The Personal Trainers at Phoenix Ignition Fitness Co. in Scottsdale, AZ provide the highest quality professional fitness training services focusing on overcoming the physical and mental challenges for total success. We use an advanced and patented scientific fitness training technique called “Meta Endurance” to optimize our client's physical abilities, create an adaptable yet effective nutrition plan, and establish the mental support and reinforcement for fitness success.

What is Meta Endurance and how does it work?

The term “Meta-Endurance” stands for Metabolic Neuromuscular Endurance Conditioning. The purpose of the science is to combine high output cardiovascular conditioning with muscle specific isolated resistance strength training movements. The main focus is muscular stamina and long-term performance.

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Why does this matter and how is it different?

Most exercise enthusiast focus purely on weight training and muscle mass or prolonged cardiovascular activity such as running, biking, or aerobic based classes. Since most active people have limits on the time they can dedicate to their wellness, typically it’s a choice of one or the other for an exercise session, and whichever activity type is chosen…the other is usual significantly ignored.

It’s a simple formula: The longer a muscle can perform at peak levels without fatigue, the better and faster the weight loss and strenght building results will come. The cardiovascular element is to dilate those target muscles as quickly as possible and keep the fibers constricted for optimal growth and levels of strength. This science is applied within two separate fitness instruction protocol types:

How can YOU actually use this?

This is not a fancy version of “Cross Fit” training or other high intensity based philosophies. Every sequence of movements is designed for the specific target goals and abilities of each individual client.

This means that a client that has suffered a knee injury (for example), may not be able to complete certain sequences that put too much pressure on the recovering area specifically, but can still complete other sequences of Meta-Endurance that do not involve isolation of the knee’s tendons specifically.

Ok… but how does it REALLY work?

Our services do not just include weight loss, weight training to increase strength, and fitness instruction. We take a very dynamic approach in physically and mentally conditioning our clients to fully embrace a permanent fitness lifestyle.

All our prospective clients share the same experience before beginning any actual physical fitness training. This is to ensure that our team of personal trainers know exactly what you wish to achieve, know exactly what current condition your body is in to prevent injury and maximize your time, and to know how to best prescribe the parameters for your personalized workout routines.

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Still not convinced?? Geez…. tough crowd…

Professional fitness training is not just about the results. We build personal relationships while maintaining high standards of service, trust, reliability, and accountability in keeping you focused on your fitness goals. Phoenix Ignition Fitness Co. in Scottsdale wants to be more than your team of fitness professionals. We desire to be your source of professional fitness accountability, your outlet and escape of the stresses of your day to day, your trusted confidant to listen to you when you're facing a difficult situation, and the pathfinder on the guided discovery of your fitness journey!


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