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Phoenix Ignition Fitness Co. provides the highest quality professional fitness training service, while overcoming the perceived challenges for total success. We use a patented scientific technology to evaluate our client's physical abilities, discuss the required mental drive and dedication for their goals, customize the program design and administer with accountability.

Our services do not just include weight loss, strength training, and fitness instruction. We take a very dynamic approach in physically and mentally conditioning our clients to fully embrace a permanent fitness lifestyle. Workout routines, gym memberships, and boot camps come and go. Our team is dedicated to having the people we work with learning how to not only work towards their peak fitness potential, but maintain their accomplished goals! All of our prospective clients share the same experience before beginning any actual physical fitness training. This is to ensure that our team knows exactly what you wish to achieve, know exactly what current condition your body is in to prevent injury and maximize your time, and to know how to best prescribe the parameters for your personalized workout routines. This includes:

Once we have the results from your physical evaluation we review our findings from what we discovered in speaking with you during your consultation. It is not uncommon that our clients discover trouble areas they had been neglecting, or were not aware of, that were holding them back from reaching higher levels of their capabilities. Our task then is to prioritize the training to mend any troubled areas caused from injury, lack of stability, lack of balance, or underdeveloped muscular strength, and plan the necessary components of your program from there. This includes workout routines, eating habits, water intake, and sleep schedule.


Professional fitness training is not just about the results. We build personal relationships while maintaining high standards of service, trust, reliability, and accountability in keeping you focused on your fitness goals. Phoenix Ignition Fitness Co. wants to be more than your team of fitness professionals. We desire to be your source of professional fitness accountability, your outlet and escape of the stresses of your day to day, your trusted confidant to listen to you when you're facing a difficult situation, and the pathfinder on the guided discovery of your fitness journey!

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